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When is comes to web hosting there are many options, but making the right choice isn’t so easy. Simple Webmaster has worked with many hosting companies. The following is a summary of hosts that offer what you need without unnecessary confusion.

WP Engine

per month

Reliable host for small businesses

1 Site

10 GB Storage

50 GB Bandwidth


per month

More features

Up to 5 Sites

15 GB Storage

200 GB Bandwidth

Frequently asked questions about web hosting

Web hosting is the storing and serving of data to make services and information available on the Internet. Several company websites and personal blogs may be hosted on a web server. The web host manages the server and ensures that the websites and all their files are accessible to everyone with Internet access. The web host makes sure the server is maintained and secure.

The actual website files and any functions or programs that make up the websites are the responsibility of each customer. A customer may create and edit their own site, or may hire someone (a web developer or webmaster) to build or maintain their site.

Storage is the total amount of data on your website. Websites with a lot of content (pictures, videos, downloads) require more storage. Most web sites are 10 pages or less with a moderate amount of images and require very little storage space, often only a few megabytes.

Bandwidth is a measure of data transferred per month. More visitors use more bandwidth. For a large website with a lot of data and a lot of visitors the bandwidth will multiply.

For example, if a web page has a few dozen large images that total about 5 megabytes (MB), and 1,000 people visit that page in a month, it would use 5,000 MB (5 GB) bandwidth. If that page had 100,000 visitors, it would use 500 GB (0.5 TB) bandwidth. Generally, only very popular sites with a lot of data (videos, content) require large amounts of bandwidth.

One site is reachable at a given domain name. Multiple domain names can be added to a single site, however all sites would have the same information. Adding domain names that contain different information would require multiple sites. A company may have two separate operations, plans to add a new brand or wants an entirely separate wholesale site. In these cases being able to have multiple sites on the same web hosting account would be an advantage.

Automatic backups are provided with the a set number of days of retention to recover a site from a point in time.

Advantage and Pro hosting include Advanced Security including the following:

  1. Automatic detection and quarantine of viruses, malware, spyware for your entire website.
  2. Smart analytics provides minimal impact on web server performance.
  3. Infected files are moved off site for analysis and a cleaned file is moved back to the server.
  4. Live traffic monitoring with IP blocklist protects the web server from attacks, online service abuse, malware, botnets, and command and control servers.
  5. Automated protection of major CMS system admin login pages to protect against automated brute force, dictionary, and other attacks from malicious bots.
  6. Monitoring and control of distributed attacks helps prevent large-scale brute force attacks from taking down your site.