Meet Your Webmaster

Jeff Steinwand is a freelance web developer. He has been making websites for over two decades. Today he builds and maintains websites for individuals and small business clients.

Jeff lives in Volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii and enjoys the outdoors, running, hiking, photography and woodworking.

My first experience with the Internet was as a teenager in 1995. I got on the Web using older brother’s college account. I figured out how to make a simple web page about my interest in custom trucks. Soon that page had thousands of visitors per day. An online company (which became hired me to write weekly articles about trucks. Then I realized I could grow my own website and get paid through online advertising.

I purchased a domain name for my truck enthusiast website in 1997 and put all my effort into it. Often visitors asked where they could buy products for their trucks. There were few online stores at the time so I reached out to manufacturers and started an online store.

I learned everything as I went; how to build websites, ecommerce, computer programming and how to run a business. Other companies started to contact me to build their websites. My web development career was in motion.

I discovered my passion is to help others by building websites that fit their unique needs. Through working with clients in different industries I learned how to understand and deliver websites that simply work. I believe websites should be easy to maintain for my client and easy to use for their customers.

I am available for new clients. Whether you need to update an existing website or start a new one, reach out to me. I look forward to hearing from you.