Website Development

Every website project is different. The client, business type, location and customers define a unique set of needs. Other considerations include cost, functionality, reliability and expandability. Navigating the choices can be difficult.

Simple Webmaster will help you find the right solution. From selecting a platform that underlies the website through building and launching the final site.

Website Platforms

There are numerous website platforms. Choosing the right one requires some consideration. 

Many websites use a content management system. This allows you to edit and manage the content on your website without learning how to code. One example is WordPress, often chosen for its low cost and flexibility. If your business is primarily looking to do online retail, you should consider a specialty ecommerce platform. Shopify is the leader in ecommerce platforms.

What about Wix, Squarespace and other site builder platforms? I have worked on client sites built with these platforms, but their limited features become a problem when it comes to customization and expandability. Other than the most basic site, they are not a good base for most business websites. These site building platforms end up costing more in the long run since their monthly fees can be higher than running WordPress on a web hosting service.

Simple Webmaster develops websites using the following platforms. Learn more about each one below:


WordPress is a powerful and easy-to-use platform on the web. It s also the most-used website platform. WordPress allows complete customization with a range of themes and numerous plugins available to expand its features.

Simple Webmaster specializes in WordPress development. Whether you need help building, customizing, maintaining or fixing a WordPress website, Simple Webmaster is the answer.


WooCommerce is a customizable, cost-effective ecommerce system that transforms any WordPress website into an online store. If you have an existing WordPress site and want to add ecommerce WooCommerce may be a good fit. As a bonus, it is also easy on the budget.

Simple Webmaster can build and customize your WooCommerce store to meet your needs.


MemberPress is a membership plugin for WordPress. With MemberPress you can sell subscriptions for your content, create online courses, sell digital content and build an online community. If you have a business idea or existing business that uses a subscription model then this plugin is for you.


Shopify is the most popular ecommerce platform in the US with many add-ons for businesses of all sizes and types. The simple interface makes managing your online store easy. If you want to sell physical (or digital) goods online, whether it is one product or thousands, Shopify is the first platform to consider.

Simple Webmaster can help build, customize and maintain your Shopify store. One key specialty is template customization to make Shopify fit your unique requirements.

Put the Pieces Together

You have some of the pieces, now get the help you need to put them together. Simple Webmaster will help build your online presence with a custom-tailored website to serve your business and your customers.